Errata and Updates

Version 3 Manual Released

This manual covers the new instructions supported by the Version 3.0.9 Compiler and Motorvator AWOS (operating system) V2.34 onwards.

Because the new compiler requires a Motorvator AWOS upgrade (which can only be done by an authorised service agent) we are not making the compiler available for download, to avoid users trying to use the new compiler with the old AWOS.

Compiler Version Releases

Here is a list of the version of MeccCompilerII and a summary of the issues addressed in each new issue.

Build 131
Fixed Error in Calibrate Joystick command

Build 130
Fixed Error with DisplayChars statement when using Numeric Characters

Build 129
Fixed Error in SetServo, only operating in one direction
Fixed Error in Beep, that would not sound some values

Bug in Increment Word Instruction

There is a bug in the Increment Word Function, with MeccCompiler II and AWOS (MOtorVator OS) version 2.23

The bug incorrectly increments from 0xFFH, and adds 257 rather than 1.

So 00FFH (255) increments to 0200h (512) rather than 0100h (256). Similarly for 01FFH, 02FFH etc.

You can correct this in your code by using the following code:

Increment stepcount ; increment Word Value
WordLow = LowByte(stepcount) ; check the lower byte
If WordLow = 0 Then ; if this has just gone to 0
stepcount = stepcount - 256
End If

Sensor Expansion Port Pinout Diagram

On Page 50 of the User Manual, the diagram showing the pinouts of the Sensor Expansion Port is incorrect.
Here is the correct diagram.
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