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A Stepper Motor Driven Ferris Wheel (Version 3 Compiler required)

Here's a simple and effective modification to the Meccano 8257 Ferris Wheel Kit.

Build up the basic model, but invert the main shaft hanging triangular plates so that they are above the apex of the supporting 25H strips.

Make up a 9:1 reduction gearing as shown, to connect the small Meccparts Stepper motor to the main shaft.

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An Update on Keith Cameron's Lift

The Model is based on a design by Keith Cameron published in Constructor quartely No 7 march 1990 and is a simple example of the application of the Motorvator. This really complements my tram model as in the latter case this was an example of how the Motorvator could considerably simplify the automatic operation of a model without user intervention, whereas the lift model demonstrates how the Motorvator can considerably simplify a model requiring user intervention. I have seen a lift model wth a very complex circuit involving numerous relays to do the same job.

MotorVating the Speed Play Robot

Within the New Meccano Speed Play range is the 9901 Interactive Robot.

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Meccano have provided an intelligent controller that can control three motors, and provide a pre-programmed (by Meccano) sequence of movements and sounds.

Unfortunately, the Meccano is lacking the basic requirement to allow "intelligent control": it has no inputs.

Industrial Arc Welding Robot

This model is a typical example of a robotic arc welding cell that is installed in many industrial manufacturing establishments today. These fascinating machines, designed to work faster, longer and with improved accuracy over their human counterparts, can undertake many tasks, including welding, paint spraying, spot welding, component handling or can be used in hostile environments where the risk to human labour is not acceptable.

Reproducing the Electronic Set Models

In the 1970s, Meccano marketed an Electronics Set:

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The Set allowed a number of "automated" models to be built.

Automatic Tram Layout

Some years ago I built a small model tramway based on Keith Cameron's tram in the October 1979 MM. The tram ran on two rails of joined 241/2" angle girders and had an overhead pickup wire. There were limit switches at each end and at a centre station. The end two operated a solenoid which in turn operated a reversing switch and also a 555 timer circuit to give a waiting delay. The 555 timer also gave a delay at the centre station. The model worked quite well and reliably over a two day exhibition period.

4 Axis Robot Arm

Here are the plans for the 4 Axis Robot Arm as discussed in the September 2004 ISM Magazine.

Each of the 16 pages is available individually.

I suggest that you download page 16 first, to give you idea of the finished model.

All parts are 'standard' Meccano with the following exceptions (all of which are available from

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