The MeccCode Progamming System

Included in the Meccanisms 400 Outfit is the MeccCode II Software Development Environment.

MeccCode II is a structured language (that is, it uses constructs like If..Then...Else, Do...Until etc to create your program structure). It also includes commands for each of the MotorVator's inputs and outputs.

Key Features:


  • If Then Else End If
  • Do Until
  •   hile End While

Functions and Subroutine

  • Call Subroutine()
  • = Function()

including recursive calling


  • SetMotor
  • SetServo
  • SetAction
  • = ReadAnalogue()
  • = ReadTimed()
  • = ReadOnOff()

The full install of MeccCompiler II (V1.28) is available here: - Download here (3.2Mb).

NOTE: This version fixes a number of problem, most notably the issues in installing V1.19 on certain Versions of Windows.

If you already have an earlier version of MeccCompilerII installed, you can download the latest executable (v1.31 856K) and copy it into the C:program filesMeccCompilerII directory.

NEW - Version 3 Compiler and Upgraded Motorvator operating System now Available

The new compiler (which requires that the Motorvator be upgraded) supports a range of new instructions:

  • Timer Events
  • Faster Clock (GetClock instruction now runs at 1024hz, rather than 111hz)
  • Stepper Motor Routines, and associated Events
  • A Debug command to providing real-time Breakpointing during debug sessions
  • SetMotor and StopMotor commands now accept variables
  • Receive and Transmit commands (using the serial port) are now supported

A full description of the new instructions and changes can be downloaded here, and a new manual is available for download in the Articles section.

A new version 3 manual can be downloaded here.

Purchase CD and Upgrade from