4 Axis Robot Arm

Here are the plans for the 4 Axis Robot Arm as discussed in the September 2004 ISM Magazine.

Each of the 16 pages is available individually.

I suggest that you download page 16 first, to give you idea of the finished model.

All parts are 'standard' Meccano with the following exceptions (all of which are available from www.meccparts.com)

Motors. We used the 36RPM 12V Geared DC Motors from www.meccparts.com, as they are compact and powerful, and don't require further gearing.

Gears. The plan uses a number of the current Meccano B088 bossless plastic 57 Tooth gears.

Servo Motor. The gripper design (based on an idea by Michael Adler) is compact and simple. It uses a Futaba S3003 servo mounted in a Meccanisms Servo Plate. It also uses a 19Tooth plastic pinion, bored out and pinned to the servo shaft.

Meccanisms Rotation Sensors.

Flat Plates. The 5H x 11H & 3H x7H flat plates were obtained from Jack Parsisson at www.meerlu.com.au.

Part A Base Page 1 First Part of the Base Assembly. 1.12Mb
Part A Base and Body Page 2
Robot Part A Base Page 3
Robot Part A Base Page 4
Robot Part A Base Page 5
Robot Part A Base Page 6
Robot Part A Base Page 7
Robot Part B Gripper pp 8-11
Robot Part C Arm Page 12
Robot Part C Arm Page 13
Robot Part C Arm Page 14
Robot Part C Arm Page 15
Robot Part C Page 16
Source code in .PDF formatFull Source code to operate the Robot Arm, in Mecc...
Wiring Diagram Wiring Diagram, showing location of Microswitches,...
Robot Arm Version 2 Source Code Full code (requires data Table include) for the Ro...
Rotation Sensors Shows how the Meccanisms Rotation Sensors are fitt...