More Inputs: the Sensor Expansion Port

In addition to the 2 x Timed Inputs and 2 x Analogue Inputs on the basic configuration, there are an additional
2 x Timed Inputs
4 x Analogue Inputs

accessible via the HD15 (Director) socket on the MotorVator.

Looking down at the socket, the connections are as follows
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To access these signals.
Option 1 - get a standard 15 way PC Video cable, cut it in half and 'buzz through' to find the signals.
Option 2 - buy a Port Expander cable from
Option 3 - use one of Meccanisms Sensor Expansions Boards.

The Sensor Expansion Board fits into the Director Socket on the MotorVator and "Brings Out" the extra 6 input ports.
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There are two models available.
On the Left, the Basic model gives Solder Points for the 6 ports.
On the Right, the Deluxe model presents all 6 ports using Motorvator standard sockets.
Both can be purchased from