More Inputs and/or Motors: Port Replication

The MotorVator supports 8 inputs (4 x OnOff, 2 x Timed and 2 x Analogue) and 4 motor outputs in the basic configuration.

We are often asked how one could support more motors.

Using a simple DPDT relay, controlled by one of the Action Output ports, you can easily "multiplex" any port (input or output) into two.....

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NOTE if You are going to wire up your own relay, DO NOT SHORT the Action Outputs - you will BLOW the MotorVator Action Port Transistor

For those who don't want to build their own relay board, we've developed a simple Printed Circuit Board, with three different options.

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From left to Right
Port Replicator 3 - fully assembled, turn any port (2 or 3 way) into two.
Port Replicator 2 - fully assembled, replicate motor ports and OnOff Input ports.
Port Replicator Kit - includes PCB, relay and Motorvator plugs. Assemble yourself using solder connections for your inputs. Includes 2 way plug for Action Output, and 2 and 3 way plug for Motorvator port.

Mounting holes match Meccano geometry.

NOTE Take Special care in wiring to the Action Output - you must connect the Left of the two Action Wires (as viewed in the above photo) to the Right Hand Action Port connector (when viewed from the Motor End of the MotorVator

To use, connect to one of the Action Ports, then use the SetAction statement, e.g.

SetAction     1,0          turn relayso Motor A Motor 1
SetMotor      1
,F,50     start motor 1
Wait 500                    
wait for 5 seconds
SetMotor      1
,F,0       stop motor 1
SetAction     1
,1         turn relay onso Motor A Motor '5'
SetMotor      1,F,60     start motor '5'

You can buy these at Meccanisms Accessories